Frequently asked questions

WHAT DO I DO IF I’VE LOST MY LATEST RENT NOTE?Call Cemi at 08–444 60 20 or email
CAN I USE AN OCR NUMBER FROM AN OLD RENT NOTE TO PAY THE CURRENT RENT NOTE?Yes, you can use an old OCR number to pay a current rent note.
HOW LONG IS MY TIME OF NOTICE?Three months. The resignation shall be sent to either
WHERE DO I FIND MY APARTMENT NUMBER/OBJECT ID?Youre object ID can be found on youre tenancy agreement, labeled “hyresobjektsnr”. It consists of 8 numbers, i.e. 5240-1101. This is the number you should use when reporting an error regarding the apartment.
WHY DO I NEED TWO DIFFERENT ELECTRICITY CONTRACTS?To be able to get electricity you have two separate contracts, one for the network and for electricity trading. Mains are lines carrying electricity to your home. The electricity trading, electricity is transported in the lines, and you then use to turn on the light or turn on the television.
If you recently moved in to an apartment and the electricity doesn’t work, it may be because you’re missing one of the contracts.
WHEN DO YOU TURN ON THE HEAT IN MY APARTMENT?The heat is automatically set when the outdoor temperature falls to a certain degree.
In the fall, it may take a while before the heat starts to warm up the cold property. If you have less than 20 degrees in your apartment for a long period of time, you can contact Cemis customer service for help.
HOW COLD / WARM SHOULD IT BE IN MY APARTMENT?The Public Health Authority recommends that the temperature in an apartment should be between 20 and 23 degrees. The temperature should never be below 18 degrees, and no warmer than 26 degrees in summer – with some exceptions.
HOW CAN I PREVENT A FIRE IN MY APARTMENT? To avoid fires you must work with prevention. Here are some tips on avoiding a fire in your home.
– Have a functioning fire detector.
– Have a fire extinguisher in your home.
– Unplug the coffeemaker, toaster and other electrical appliances in the kitchen when you’re not using them.
– Replace broken power outlets.
– Do not dry towels or other combustible material on electrical elements.
– Blow out candles as you leave the room.
– Pull the power to the TV during a thunderstorm.
– Remember to vacuum behind the fridge and / or freezer box.
WHAT SHOULD I DO IN CASE OF FIRE?Save those who are in danger of life – but do not expose yourself to risks. Get out as fast as you can. Get down under the smoke – when you’re on the floor, it’s easier to see and breathe. Never go out into a smoke-filled stairwell. Close all doors behind you.
Closed doors prevent the fire from spreading quickly, causing the rescue service to gain time.
Warn all those who are threatened by the fire so that they can also put themselves in safety.
Call rescue service by calling 112. Meet the rescue service when they arrive.
Extinguish the fire if you estimate that you can handle it. Use a fire extinguisher and aim at the glow – not on the flames.
The above order is a recommendation. It is the current situation that determines what order you really should act.
DO I NEED AN HOME INSUARENCE?Home insurance is not a demand, but very good to have if you or your property get injured or damage. It also provides compensation for stolen or destroyed items.
THE WATER RISES FROM THE FLOOR DRAIN, WHAT SHOULD I DO?The first thing to find out is whether the stop is in the drainpipe that serves only your apartment or if it’s in the main pipe.
If the water rises from the floor drain when you flush the toilet, the stop is in your drainpipe. If the water rises without you flushing water, it’s a stop in the main pipe.
Contact Cemis customer service directly and we will assist you. Out of office hours, you can call the standby service. After the contact with us, you should inform the neighbors above to not us any water until the stop is fixed.
WHAT SHOLUD I DO WHEN IT’S A STOP IN THE SINK?The first thing you should do is clean the sink trap under the sink. If it doesn’t help, you can try to fix the stop by using a plunger or contact Cemis customer service for assistance.
Do not use “kausticsoda” or other form of ”drain cleaners”. It can crystallize and become hard as concrete.
I FEEL THAT THE AIR IS BAD IN MY APARTMENT, WHAT CAN I DO?If the air is moist or dusty, it most likely because you don’t get enough fresh air.
To ensure that the apartment’s air supply is working, clean and open all valves.
Also clean the filter to the kitchen fan periodically.